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September 22, 2004

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing this letter to express my appreciation for the opportunity to have worked over the past thirteen years with the personnel at Omega Pacific Hatchery. I believe I was their first client when I purchased chinook smolts from them in 1991. At that time I was a partner in, and the general manager of, Read Island Industries, a small independent salmon farm in the Campbell River area. I continued to purchase smolts from them for several years. Right from the beginning, I found that they produced a top quality product. There was always special attention paid to each crop of smolts. I never felt that they were “just pumping out the fish”, but rather that they were more interested in producing a limited number of the best smolts possible, as opposed large numbers of mediocre smolts (as is the case with many hatcheries).

In the mid-1990’s I exported live salmon eggs around the world. I incubated most of my eggs at the Omega Pacific Hatchery, in part because they had developed an innovative and very effective methodology to keep the eggs of individual females separate from one another. This was necessary due the disease screening techniques that I was required to employ in order to certify the live eggs for international shipment.

I will also mention that although I presently work primarily with warm water aquaculture species and only rarely with temperate water species such as salmon, I have remained a close friend with Bruce Kenny and Carol Schmidt. I continue to visit them and their hatchery on a regular basis. I am pleased to see that they have maintained the same high quality standards that I enjoyed with their operation in the 1990’s. I feel very confident in recommending their hatchery and/or them individually to anyone who is interested in doing business with them. If you have any questions or would like to talk with me about Bruce, Carol or Omega, feel free to contact me at the above phone number or address.

Clayton Brenton, MSc, RPBio
Aqua Bio Tech
Aquaculture Consulting


Mark Pemberton
2810 Yellow Point Rd
Ladysmith, British Columbia
V9G 1C8

RE: Omega Pacific Hatchery – Great Central Lake

October 12, 2004

To Whom It May Concern,

This letter acknowledges the outstanding quality of S1 Chinook smolts produced by Omega Pacific Hatchery and supplied to Blue Tornado Enterprises between 1992 and December 1996 while I was general manager.

I purchased up to 200,000 S1 smolts per year from Omega Pacific Hatchery, (I also purchased from two competing hatcheries) and without question, the fish delivered from the Omega Pacific Hatchery were the best in growth and survival.

For three consecutive years we attained a 96% survival rate from saltwater entry to harvest. This was typically a cycle of 16 to 22 months, which was documented by C.A.S.H. (Co-operative Assessment Salmonid Health, which we participated in).

I credit much of our success to the quality of smolt provided by Omega Pacific Hatchery.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call or write.


Mark Pemberton




Carol Schmitt or Bruce Kenny
Ph. 250-731-5043
email: camp9@lincsat.com
PO Box 9
Port Alberni, BC
Canada V9Y7M6