Omega Pacific Hatchery facility:

Our cold water hatchery operations are located on Great Central Lake. This modern “single flow though” facility has many unique features and capabilities. Our specialized hatchery provides the following:
  • Cool water temperatures providing “nature like” incubation and rearing.
  • Optimum water quality from fish-free water sources.
  • Upwelling, low density incubators enabling separation of each female’s eggs until laboratory results ensure a clean bill of health.
  • Ability to incubate 6 million eggs and grow 1.5 million S-1 smolts per year.
  • 24 circular fiberglass self cleaning rearing pools provide a large amount of rearing space.
  • Proven captive brood stock capabilities to ensure “at risk genetic strains” are not lost and available for the future. Important for saving and rebuilding very low wild populations...

Carol Schmitt or Bruce Kenny
Ph. 250-731-5043
PO Box 9
Port Alberni, BC
Canada V9Y7M6